About Us


We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your interest in our company and the extensive line of services we offer to contractors.

Gravity-Ratterman LLC is one of the country’s premier erectors of heavy timber, light gauge metal trusses and composite roof decking systems. Staffed with seasoned veterans bringing over 100 years of combined experience in these fields to the table, no project is too large or too complex for this team. Our financial stability and bond capacity can confirm our commitment to perform. And since we are a travelling company, we have the ability to follow our customers all over the country bringing stability to projects far from our customers’ “home territories”.

Currently, Gravity-Ratterman LLC is erecting products such as LoadMaster Systems, generic composite roof decks (i.e. Dens-Deck Assemblies, Nailable Insulation, etc.), metal decking and plywood decking over flat and sloped roof areas. We also install temporary and permanent dry-in products ranging from standard roofing felt to specialty peel & stick products as well as composite panels and standing seam metal roofing. Gravity-Ratterman LLC can also provide and erect all your structural steel/bar joists and miscellaneous metals, and furnish and install solid sawn and glulam timber beams. Having the ability to both furnish AND install the structural framework for the building (whether it be steel, light gauge metal or wood), all decking, dry-in and roofing, Gravity-Ratterman LLC provides a “one-stop shop” for nearly everything above the top plate through the roofing.

One sector in which we are particularly excited about is our Carpentry Division. Due to the ever increasing demand for legitimate, properly insured carpenters in the marketplace and the current shortage of qualified craftsman in the industry, we are experiencing phenomenal growth in this sector. We offer the ability to install all wood products (sheathing, fascia, interior and exterior blocking, nailers, etc.), installation of door & hardware packages, louvers, fiberglass reinforced wall panels (FRP) and column covers, and limited trim carpentry (exposed wood structural components, moldings, paneling and trim). This also allows our customers to contract more of their work to a single source eliminating the need for multiple contracts and reducing the amount of time and money Project Managers spend contacting multiple subcontractors for scheduling, coordination and management issues.

We hope this summary has helped you become more familiar with Gravity-Ratterman LLC as well as understand how we may contribute to the future growth and success of your business. Again, we greatly appreciate your time and attention and look forward to working with you in the future, and intend to be there for all your construction needs.


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